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Re: Outdated Qutebrowser and missing qtwebengine?

From: Florian Thevissen
Subject: Re: Outdated Qutebrowser and missing qtwebengine?
Date: Mon, 11 Mar 2019 19:53:58 +0100


I'd very much like to see a recent qtwebengine-based qutebrowser packaged in guix myself. I understand that in the past there were concerns about the chromium dependency, as Marius wrote:

> As for the status of the Chromium patch, following the recent Pale Moon discussion I no longer think it satisfies FSDG[1] requirements and will have to take some further steps to properly hide the "Web Store".

Chromium has now been integrated in guix proper about two weeks ago.

Is there still anything that might speak against packaging qtwebengine, and thus let us enjoy an up-to-date qutebrowser?



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