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Re: GuixSD in virtualbox

From: Fox
Subject: Re: GuixSD in virtualbox
Date: Fri, 19 May 2017 15:52:01 +0200
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Specifically, VirtualBox relies on a non-free toolchain at build time,
AIUI.  That’s why Guix does not include it.

Fox: QEMU should run about as fast as native code as long as you provide
the ‘-enable-kvm’ command-line option.  See:

Thx I had found that kvm info too.

Sadly GuixSD suffers breakdown after the install of python for some weird reason.

My idea was to do GUI programming stuff with guile-gnome-platform available also on NixOS and as a NixOS package.
But to get the hello-world going requires quite some effort, I found.
And my NixOS install went haywire after only a few hours.

Meanwhile I found the Mr.Ed GUI-designer for Dr.Racket-GUI (racket scheme) which gets you started way faster.
seems more useable than Boa-Constructor even.

Maybe I drop guile in favour of racket hence. running WxGlade LISP code with guile seems quirky too.

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