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Re: GuixSD in a VM is so nice - once you actually have control over your

From: Björn Höfling
Subject: Re: GuixSD in a VM is so nice - once you actually have control over your mouse, that is.
Date: Fri, 19 May 2017 10:39:17 +0200

On Thu, 18 May 2017 00:42:18 +0200
Fox <address@hidden> wrote:

> so I run GuixSD (on bare metal nicely and) on qemu
> but mouse capture is an issue in that gpm or whatever runs the mouse.
> I "can't come back from the Immelmann loop" , so-to-speak. The only 
> "ESCAPE" is CTRL-ALT-F3  with root login and "reboot".
> I mean ... these days a VM should maybe be fine with mice of 21st. 
> century design or am I going down a wrong alley ?

As others already pointed out, "Ctrl-Alt" is the way to get out of the

Mostly I don't use the VM-Window: I had some trouble with gpm and don't
know how to enable clipboard-sharing in QEMU, so I just use SSH:

My GuixSD-QEMU-Configuration has something like:

 (services (cons* 
                ... other services here ...
                (lsh-service #:port-number 3333)

Then in my host system I have an entry in my ~/.ssh/config:

Host g64
        HostName localhost
        Port 3333
        User bjoern

When I now call "ssh g64" and enter my password, I'm connected to my
virtual machine and can use the normal mouse and copy/paste of my host
system as I would use with other remote machines.

You can also upload your SSH-Key in your virtual machine to avoid
password entering.

And probably when I would setup a new VM, I would use OpenSSH
but when I started with my setup, there was only LSH.


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