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New branch for native complex support

From: Patrick Alken
Subject: New branch for native complex support
Date: Tue, 12 Jan 2021 22:29:30 -0700
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Hi all,

  FYI there is a new branch on the GSL git repository called 'cplx'. In
this branch you will find that you can use gsl_complex as a native C99
complex double type, if you #include <complex.h> prior to including
<gsl/gsl_complex.h>. This is possible because the gsl_complex type is
binary compatible with complex double. So basically you can
add/multiply/etc gsl_complex variables without needing to call the
gsl_complex_math routines now.

Many people have requested something like this over the years, so I am
finally getting around to doing it. Right now, this branch is
experimental, I am still working on writing some unit tests, and also
documentation. But I have been using it myself for a while and things
are working well.

The main issue right now, is you cannot do things like:

gsl_complex z;
GSL_REAL(z) = a;

which you can do with the original implementation. I don't know how to
define a macro which can do this with the C99 standard, although there
are non-portable GNU extensions which can do this. But otherwise,
everything should work as expected.

If interested, please try out the new branch and report back with
successes or failures.



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