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Speed of complex<double> vs gsl_complex computations

From: Pavel
Subject: Speed of complex<double> vs gsl_complex computations
Date: Tue, 12 Jan 2021 00:16:58 +0300


I've installed GSL for use in Visual Studio Community 2017 following
instructions of the blog

I've decided to measure speed of calculations of internal complex numbers
realization using template complex<double> (including header complex.h) and
realization of complex numbers in GSL library. For this purpose I've
calculated large vectors ( length 10000000) of some complex function (that
is actually frequency dependence of graphene conductivity). I've used speed
optimization /O2 and /DHAVE_INLINE compiler options. The calculation time of
the vector using gsl_complex numbers was 7 s, while using internal
complex<double> numbers took only 1s. Is it true that GSL complex numbers
work slower than internal realization or maybe I've missed some optimization
settings of GSL?

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