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From: Raphael Mack
Subject: [Help-gsl] GSL_RANGE_CHECK
Date: Mon, 17 Jul 2006 21:52:05 +0200


I'm writing a wrapper for the Eiffel language for the gsl lib. Since
Eiffel provides contracts, we can be sure that all calls to gsl have
valid indexes and runtime checking for the range may be dropped. I tired
to do this by compiling with -UGSL_RANGE_CHECK, but matrix access are
checked. Looking into the source showed, that in gsl/gsl_check_range.h a
global variable gsl_check_range is defined, which is tested on every
vector and matrix access. This is even initialized to 1 by default.

Is there a way to get high performance and compile completely without
range checking? Or is the way to go just to set gsl_check_range to 0?

It would be perfect to be able to install two versions of gsl, one with
range checking and one without and choose the one to link against with
pkg-config -XXX gsl or pkg-config -XXX fast_gsl.

Thanks in advance,

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