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[Help-gsl] Test fail in rng

From: Pelux
Subject: [Help-gsl] Test fail in rng
Date: Sun, 05 Mar 2006 12:54:27 +0100
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Hi, i'm porting gsl 1.7 to the digital mars compiler for win32.
After a lot of hours of work I'm near the end of this task, but i still have problems with the rng (random number generator) test.
I get:
FAIL: borosh13, 10000 steps (399268537 observed vs 2513433025 expected) [10]
FAIL: fishman18, 10000 steps (399268537 observed vs 330402013 expected) [11]
FAIL: fishman2x, 10000 steps (399268537 observed vs 540133597 expected) [12]
FAIL: knuthran2, 10000 steps (399268537 observed vs 1084477620 expected) [13]
FAIL: knuthran, 2027082 steps (0 observed vs 461390032 expected) [14]
FAIL: lecuyer21, 10000 steps (399268537 observed vs 2006618587 expected) [15] FAIL: waterman14, 10000 steps (399268537 observed vs 3776680385 expected) [16]
FAIL: coveyou, 10000 steps (248127575 observed vs 1416754246 expected) [17]
I searched google for the number: 399268537 and it is connected with random number generators. Could anyone help me pointing out what could have gone wrong, what these generators have in common (as the other generators pass the test) ?
Thank you in advance!

Best Regards

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