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[Help-gsl] Porting gsl 1.7 to dmc...

From: Pelux
Subject: [Help-gsl] Porting gsl 1.7 to dmc...
Date: Mon, 06 Mar 2006 12:21:06 +0100
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The other two problems i'm getting are:
1) I can't compile the fft test, as I'm getting this error: dmc -mn -S -6 -Iinclude -c gsl\fft\test -ogsl\fft\test.obj gsl\fft\test.c(127) : Error: no definition for static 'fft_real_float_bitreverse_order'
But I can't find this definition anywhere.
2) I can't compile the sort test, as I'm getting the error: dmc -mn -S -6 -Iinclude -c -D_DEBUG -DDEBUG gsl\sort\test -ogsl\sort\test.obj
void randomize (double *data, size_t n);
gsl\sort\test_heapsort.c(24) : Error: 'randomize' previously declared as something else
It was declared as: void C func(void)
It is now declared: void C func(double *,unsigned )
The problem is that i have randomize defined in stdlib.h.
Is there an easy way to resove this conflict? If i rename the randomize calls in test_source and test_heapsort it compile fine but when i launch sort.exe i get no output, is it normal (no Fail, but no Complete also).
Maybe this is related to my previous post?
Thank you again!

Best regards

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