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Re: Help, Grub has corrupt display, Open Ubuntu or Win 10 eventually

From: Peter Hillier-Brook
Subject: Re: Help, Grub has corrupt display, Open Ubuntu or Win 10 eventually
Date: Wed, 20 Oct 2021 00:12:47 +0100
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On 19/10/2021 20:39, Charlie wrote:
> (I am not a expert on computers by any description. I don't talk the
> talk. I am sorry as I probably cannot present my need for help clearly
> to you: I installed win 10 and Ubuntu mate on my Dell Laptop using Grub.
> I did this a year or two and it has all worked fine until now. The start
> up screen display is corrupted, nothing but gray with some lines and
> signs that something is going on in the computer. By trial and error, I
> hit enter at a point as I did when selecting Ubuntu. I waited and Ubuntu
> opened and works fine. I repeated this idea and got win10 to open. I
> assume that Grub has a problem, I would sure like to repair this
> problem. I DO Not have a clue what to do or how to do it.
> My plan: beg for your help and/or try to re-install GRUB to fix the
> problem. I don't desire to re-install Win10 and Ubuntu. (I am 80 years
> old and my memory is getting ragged.)

I'm sorry; I just can't help asking why so many of you youngsters play
the age card? Do you imagine that it encourages help and support?

Now to your question. Of course you won't need to re-install Ubuntu
and/or Win10. You've already established that they both start correctly
so obviously you have changed something related to GRUB, perhaps
unwittingly via an update, or the installation of some software. I would
firstly try the following:

<sudo update-grub>

and see what happens. By the way, the <> around the command are just
de-limiters - not to be typed. If that doesn't fix your screen problem
you might next try to re-install GRUB. A quick Google search for
"re-install GRUB" produces a wealth of information.

> Question: Is a repair possible for GRUB? Is a re-install of Grub the
> solution and is there help toi do this?
> Thank you for any help. I hope I have explained my need clearly.
> Charlie

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