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search --label not working on mmcblk

From: Matthias Schoepfer
Subject: search --label not working on mmcblk
Date: Tue, 26 Oct 2021 11:38:08 +0200
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I have quite a funny behavior that I am not able to grasp. I am using grub on an "embedded" device to switch between two root file system partitions (A / B update schema). To set / read the partition, I use the grubenv. This part works as a charm.

Now I switched to eMMC as storage. I gave it a gpt partition table and besides a EFI parition, I have the root partition labeled rootfs1 and rootfs2. Since the numbers of the devices may be different when for example a USB drive is attached, I am using the PARTLABELs for getting the root device.


search --label rootfs1

finds the rootfs1, it does not find

search --label rootfs2

even if I give the correct hints. When I boot "manually" with (hd3,gpt3), everything works and the linux kernel is finding the root partition given as

root=PARTLABEL=rootfs2 rootwait

What can I do to debug this?!

I am using grub2 as shipped with yocto hardknott:

Modules build in: boot linux ext2 fat serial part_msdos part_gpt normal efi_gop iso9660 search loadenv test acpi squash4 all_video multiboot2

Any help how to tackle this is appreciated.



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