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Re: Please, make GRUB more end-user friendly

From: Markus Kolb
Subject: Re: Please, make GRUB more end-user friendly
Date: Tue, 27 Jul 2021 20:10:58 +0000

Am 27. Juli 2021 19:42:55 UTC schrieb "Arbiel (gmx)" 
>I think, you did not answer Narcis' question. The question is
>"Is it possible to introduce sort of an internationalization of GRUB's
>errors messages, so that the entity which releases the distribution
>could translate the messages and install the appropriate messages ?"
>Le 27/07/2021 à 10:36, Narcis Garcia a écrit :
>> initramfs is a next boot stage after GRUB.
>> initramfs is a Linux project, not boot manager.
>> El 27/7/21 a les 1:02, Luigino Bracci ha escrit:
>>> Hi,
>>> In my country, there are many people (mostly children) using computers with
>>> a Debian-based distribution that uses GRUB for booting. Unfortunately,
>>> power failures are very common and the computers shut down inappropriately,
>>> and when the users turn the computer on again, frequently they get the
>>> well-known message: "Unexpected inconsistency: run fsck manually".


grub is not responsible for the message nor the fsck requirement.

It is completely in the area of how in this case the Linux distribution setup 
its boot process.
With a modern filesystem type there is no need for fsck runs and you can 
disable this during boot per configuration. Every journal is better than what 
fsck might accomplish.
This might be doable in /etc/fstab. But this is in the area of the 
distributions and the individual setup, so have a look in their documentation, 
wikis and other community support.
Also ask in this case Debian if they'd like to provide a translated boot 

On an end-user-friendly Linux installation the user shouldn't see anything 
about grub. At least if there are no dual boot requirements.

So I hope any ambiguities are removed. ;-)


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