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Please, make GRUB more end-user friendly

From: Luigino Bracci
Subject: Please, make GRUB more end-user friendly
Date: Mon, 26 Jul 2021 19:02:23 -0400


In my country, there are many people (mostly children) using computers with
a Debian-based distribution that uses GRUB for booting. Unfortunately,
power failures are very common and the computers shut down inappropriately,
and when the users turn the computer on again, frequently they get the
well-known message: "Unexpected inconsistency: run fsck manually".

However, most people in my country are Spanish-speakers, they doesn't
understand the error messages and they think that the computer screwed up,
and many times they do not have the Internet connection necessary to google
the error message and find a solution. There are even some inconsiderate
technicians who charge large amounts of money to fix the problem for people
who are unfamiliar with it.

Yes, I know that the solution is to run the "fsck" command with the
appropriate parameters, but: Don't you think that GRUB should evolve and
show a more friendly error message, understandable for non-experts, in the
language installed in the distribution (not English only), giving the
ability to run fsck with a single keystroke instead of displaying that
obnoxious "(initramfs)" prompt?

Thank you, and sorry if this is not the appropiated mailing list for this

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