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Re: BIOS/GPT with bios_gub raw partition: core image is too big

From: Pascal Hambourg
Subject: Re: BIOS/GPT with bios_gub raw partition: core image is too big
Date: Fri, 19 Feb 2021 23:37:20 +0100
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Le 19/02/2021 à 15:33, moo can via Support requests for the GRand Unified Bootloader a écrit :
I need to install grub2 on a x86_64 computer with BIOS and GPT partition 
table.If I understand well in BIOS/GPT, the bios_gub raw partition is here to 
host/handle the core.img (not writed in mbr).


So I made a bios_gub raw partition big enough to host the core.img:
Number    Start (sector)   End (sector)    Size        Code      flags
1           2048            12287         5.0MiB       EF02    bios_gub

5 MiB for a BIOS boot partition is much more than enough. Even 1 MiB is more than enough.

When I use grub-mkstandalone to generate the core.img
grub-mkstandalone -O i386-pc -o core.img --modules= ....

I have : core image is too big (0x185161 > 0x78000)
Is it possible to "bypass" this size limitation or is it hardcoded in i386-pc 
format even if the grub_bios raw partition exist ?

I do not think that the BIOS boot partition size is relevant to grub-mkstandalone. Check <> I guess that somehow the core image must fit within the ~640 KB x86 real mode memory.
But why do you want to use grub-mkstandalone instead of grub-install ?

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