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Re: BIOS/GPT with bios_gub raw partition: core image is too big

From: Pascal Hambourg
Subject: Re: BIOS/GPT with bios_gub raw partition: core image is too big
Date: Sun, 21 Feb 2021 14:56:55 +0100
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Le 20/02/2021 à 12:37, moo can via Support requests for the GRand Unified Bootloader a écrit :

I'm trying to use grub-mkstandalone for this BIOS/GPT computer because I need 
supplemental Grub2 modules related to crypto, fs, as cryptomount, cryptodisk, 
luks, gcry_sha256, gcry_sha512 and lvm, ext2 but with at_keyboard, keylayouts 
and my keyboard layout gkb file (to type password with accented characters at 
startup which is impossible with US keyboard layout).
The default core.img generated with grub-install at install time include some 
of these modules but does not include keyboard layout related modules and gkb 

I have a working core.img made with grub-mkimage and deployed with 
grub-bios-install but which is very very light so I was hoping that as I was 
using a GPT partition with a good size to host the whole core.img and no MBR I 
could include all module that I need. Now I understand why 1 MiB for the GPT 
partition is more than enough.
I made the same things for efi x86_64 laptop to generate an .efi file so I was 
hopping to do same thing for BIOS/GPT.
Is there any way to "bypass" this limitation or should I stick with my little 
working core.img which is better than nothing?

Do you need to include all available modules in your core image ? Maybe including only modules and files you need (with the --install-modules option) would fit within the size limit ?

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