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Grub: memdisk, at_keyboard

From: Dernsen
Subject: Grub: memdisk, at_keyboard
Date: Thu, 14 May 2020 21:28:45 +0200
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i got some progress at this topic:

I added the option "--append" to "terminal_input" in grub.cfg:

"terminal_input *--append* at_keyboard"

So, the "grub standard console" *&* "at_keyboard" are active at the same
time. If I have a usb-keyboard connetcted to my notebook, the
usb-keyboard works as the "grub standard console" (US keyboard-layout)
and the internal notebook keyboard works as the "at_keyboard"
(=keyboard-layout of the memdisk as described before).

I also transferred this setup to my worksation with usb-keyboard and at
least the usb-keyboard works with the "grub standard console" (US
keyboard-layout). If i try to change within the grub-shell to
"at_keyboard" by the command:

"terminal_input at_keyboard" -> the usb-keyboard is not working anymore
-> push the power button...

It's better than nothing, but getting the "at_keyboard" with
non-US-keyboard-layout work would be pretty good. If grub offers these
functions I want to use them...

    I want setup the same keyboard layout (non  US layout) for grub-shell
    as in the booted debian_64 (uefi) system.
    So i created standalone grub-image with a memdisk for kbd-layout, a
    embeded  grub.cfg with "terminal_input at_keyboard".
    This works very good for my notebook, so I transferred it to my
    workstation with usb-keyboard.
    The keyboard works in uefi bootmenu, etc., but after grub takes over it
    is not working anymore (i have to push the power button). If I remove
    the "terminal_input at_keyboard" line of embedded grub.cfg usb-keyboard
    works but without the embedded keyboard layout.
    I tried to use the usb_keyboard grub-module, etc. , the outcome is
    always the same:
    - If the keyboard works, then just with the standard keyboard layout or
    it is not working anymore.
    How to get the embedded keyboard layout and the usb-keyboard working at
    the same time?

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