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Seeking suggestions on portable computers with a pc speaker or equivalen

From: Cleverson Casarin Uliana
Subject: Seeking suggestions on portable computers with a pc speaker or equivalent
Date: Thu, 14 May 2020 13:47:57 -0300
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Hello all,

I was searching for a laptop, or any kind of portable computer, that comes with a built-in pc speaker, and is still supported by the manufacturer and resellers. I'm talking about that speaker which is still available on most desktop computers, which allows us to configure boot managers like grub to issue a beep when it displays a menu containing more than one entry for the OSes installed on the machine, using e.g. the Grub play command.

I've just been told that some laptops, such as the discontinued Lenovo 580g, are capable of using the integrated soundcard to issue beeps whenever a command to the pc speaker is issued. Does anyone have recommendations on more up to date laptops or mini-computers which are able to do that, or perhaps a method to discover what machines are able to?

Many thanks,

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