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Re: Support for plain dm-crypt and detached LUKS header

From: Xen
Subject: Re: Support for plain dm-crypt and detached LUKS header
Date: Sat, 11 Feb 2017 20:02:50 +0100
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Andrei Borzenkov schreef op 11-02-2017 19:54:

From maintainer point of view the problem is to answer "why cannot I use grub-install with root on dm-crypt if you say it is supported". There is
also repository for add-ons, may be it can be put there.

Grub2 focusses strongly on generation and re-generation. On auto-generation, I mean, and re-generation.

So the parameters would have to be supplied by one of the 40_xxx files right.

It would mean you needed to add a menu entry that way; but sometimes this I already do for e.g. Windows when the ntldr command works better than the plain chainload.

Meaning at most there would need to be a manpage for the form this command would take, and if it is one of the 40_custom files or whatever (can't check it right here) then the support would only be required in howto write this config file right?

Having this config file would make it persistent for someone's setup when configured, I mean for grub re-generation once configured for someone's setup.

So in fact I believe perhaps this would only need a manual page.

In any case someone needs to implement it in the form that is accepted.

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