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Using acpi line to load DSDT table at runtime - Linux 16.04

From: carlos izzo videla
Subject: Using acpi line to load DSDT table at runtime - Linux 16.04
Date: Wed, 27 Jul 2016 09:37:32 -0300


Like many others, my motherboard (Sun Ultra 24) has ACPI problems caused
by a very badly written BIOS, to the extent of reporting itself to MS
Windows as a laptop. 

I use Mint 18 64 bit, a W7 drive came with the workstation and I'm only
booting for using with software that will not play nice with Wine. 

Unfortunately, there are no BIOS updates or support available from the

While I have been able to edit the DSDT table and recompile it with no
errors I have not found a way to load it at runtime and I am not keen
about recompiling a kernel.

While looking around for a way to load a modified DSDT table, I came
across a post at, referenced to

If I understand what it says correctly, the OP makes a reference to
loading a DSDT file via GBUB2:

--- snip ---

I can load other ones (by making a dump to file from
/sys/firmware/acpi/tables/XXXX and then loading with grub's acpi
xxxx.dump) ...

--- snip ---

For the life of me I have not been able to find out how it is done or
the syntax to use.
I'd appreciate any input with respect to this.

Thanks in advance,


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