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Re: Grub pxe image reboot as soon it loads.

From: Andrei Borzenkov
Subject: Re: Grub pxe image reboot as soon it loads.
Date: Tue, 3 May 2016 09:44:02 +0300
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01.05.2016 17:25, dE пишет:
> Hi!
>     I'm trying to make a grub pxe image to a execute an OS installed on
> the local hard disk (this's the first thing I want to achieve).
> My first objective is to get the grub menu to show up (even if they're
> wrong) and get a grub command prompt.
> The image was created as such --
> grub2-mkimage -vO i386-pc-pxe -o /tmp/tftproot/pxe -p '(pxe)' pxe

Your image does not contain any protocol driver necessary to load files
over network. Please use grub-mknetdir to generate image and tftpboot

> The contents of the /boot/grub directory were copied over to
> /tmp/tftproot/.
> However as soon as the pxe image loads, grub reboots the system. It does
> not attempt to load grub.cfg or load any of the modules (I know this
> cause the pxe image does not issue any calls to the tftp server).

See above. It probably reboots because it cannot access its root/prefix.
It ideally should handle it more gracefully though. Care to file bug
report so it is not forgotten?

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