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Grub pxe image reboot as soon it loads.

From: dE
Subject: Grub pxe image reboot as soon it loads.
Date: Sun, 1 May 2016 19:55:41 +0530
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I'm trying to make a grub pxe image to a execute an OS installed on the local hard disk (this's the first thing I want to achieve).

My first objective is to get the grub menu to show up (even if they're wrong) and get a grub command prompt.

The image was created as such --

grub2-mkimage -vO i386-pc-pxe -o /tmp/tftproot/pxe -p '(pxe)' pxe

The contents of the /boot/grub directory were copied over to /tmp/tftproot/.

However as soon as the pxe image loads, grub reboots the system. It does not attempt to load grub.cfg or load any of the modules (I know this cause the pxe image does not issue any calls to the tftp server).

Thanks for any help!

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