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Booting El Torito image from a partition table

From: Emilio Lazo Zaia
Subject: Booting El Torito image from a partition table
Date: Fri, 27 Nov 2015 17:00:06 -0430
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I have a bootable iso9660 hybrid image (mbr + eltorito) that was made with GRUB2 as its boot loader.

I would like to boot this ISO image from a partition table, i.e. boot into this ISO image but dumping the image to a partition on a GPT or MBR partition table, instead of dumping it to the partition table itself.

My disk contains only iso9660 images, one per partition. It boots with SYSLINUX -stored for example in the first partition- and using chain.c32 module I can chainload into another partition's boot sector without issues if the ISO image boots with ISOLINUX.

All ISOLINUX images can become hybrid with isohybrid (or dumping isohdppx.bin to its beginning), but GRUB2 images can't become hybrid in the sense of booting also from a partition table; so it seems that boot_hybrid.img from GRUB2 does not support this scenario, only for images that were dumped to the beginning of a disk.

I did post a similar question in the SYSLINUX mailing list [1] asking if a patch or workaround is possible in SYSLINUX but the answer was negative.

There is a solution for this scenario or indeed the boot_hybrid.img from GRUB2 may be patched to support this?



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