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Re: Booting El Torito image from a partition table

From: Andrei Borzenkov
Subject: Re: Booting El Torito image from a partition table
Date: Sun, 29 Nov 2015 09:06:52 +0300
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28.11.2015 23:05, Emilio Lazo Zaia пишет:
> On 28/11/15 14:30, Andrei Borzenkov wrote:
>> 28.11.2015 21:34, Emilio Lazo Zaia пишет:
>>> In such disk there are more than one iso9660 partitions, so there is
>>> also some syslinux menu to select
>>> which one we want to boot to; that's why chain.c32. In the second mail I
>>> isolated the situation to one
>>> partition and an MBR code that boots into it, so no syslinux menu and no
>>> syslinux code is present, except
>>> for the mbr.bin that can be replaced with install-mbr being the behavior
>>> the same.
>> MBR from install-mbr is using the same method (%SI points to partition
>> record). Try Microsoft MBR. Does it also work?
> No! Thank you for the test... I did download ms-sys [1] which isn't
> present in my Debian system. She is able
> to write some different MBR and boot records:
>     -7, --mbr7      Write a Windows 7 MBR to device
>     -i, --mbrvista  Write a Windows Vista MBR to device
>     -m, --mbr       Write a Windows 2000/XP/2003 MBR to device
>     -9, --mbr95b    Write a Windows 95B/98/98SE/ME MBR to device
>     -d, --mbrdos    Write a DOS/Windows NT MBR to device
>     -s, --mbrsyslinux    Write a syslinux MBR to device
>     -t, --mbrgptsyslinux Write a syslinux GPT MBR to device
>     -z, --mbrzero   Write an empty (zeroed) MBR to device
> Only ms-sys -s worked, and also -t with the GPT version of my test...
> Now everything becomes more clear. Thank you. Having all this in mind:
> Do I have some kind of solution
> to the scenario previously described?

Without GRUB modification the simplest solution is to create core.img
that will in turn load core.img from this ISO image. This first stage
can then be placed on your "master" partition and syslinux can load it.

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