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Re: grub in mac

From: address@hidden
Subject: Re: grub in mac
Date: Thu, 12 Nov 2015 16:38:42 +0800

Thanks for the information, i try to fix it.

Another funny thing:

in ./grub-core/kern/emu/hostdisk.c:

    disk->total_sectors = grub_util_get_fd_size (fd, map[drive].device,
    disk->total_sectors >>= disk->log_sector_size;

second line is overwrite the value of previous life :-)

Andrei Borzenkov <address@hidden> 於 2015年11月12日 下午3:40 寫道:

On Thu, Nov 12, 2015 at 10:29 AM, Peter Cheung <address@hidden> wrote:
Thanks, i am trying to fix this in code, but i am too new to grub coding. I
want to print out something in ./grub-core/kern/disk_common.c, so i do
"grub_util_info("peter\n");" and add "include <grub/util/misc.h>" on the top
of the file, but i get this error:

In file included from lib/../kern/disk_common.c:1:0,

                from lib/disk.c:31:

../include/grub/util/misc.h:22:20: fatal error: stdlib.h: No such file or

disk_common is unrelated to your problem. You need to look at host
device probing code under grub-core/osdep, code that maps host device
to grub device is historically located in various getroot.c files.

May I know the correct way to print out something please?

#ifdef GRUB_UTIL
 grub_util_info (...);

from Peter

Subject: Re: grub in mac
To: address@hidden
From: address@hidden
Date: Wed, 11 Nov 2015 08:08:09 +0300
CC: address@hidden

11.11.2015 07:34, Peter Cheung пишет:
I tried grub-install, but same error message, another thing i discovered
is "the size of hostdisk//dev/rdisk2 is 204800", but my hd.img file is
100MB.thanksfrom Peter


/toolchain/sbin/grub-install: info: drive = 0.
/toolchain/sbin/grub-install: info: the size of hostdisk//dev/rdisk2 is
/toolchain/sbin/grub-install: info: guessed root_dev
`hostdisk//dev/rdisk2' from dir
/toolchain/sbin/grub-install: info: setting the root device to
/toolchain/sbin/grub-install: error: attempt to read or write outside of
disk `hostdisk//dev/disk2'.

No, it is not the same message. Now it correctly detects disk2, but it
lacks MAC OS X specific code for BIOS device guessing.

grub-install expects in /boot/grub; so put it there (i.e. on
filesystem on /dev/disk2s1).

Someone more familiar with OS X need to contribute device detection code
for it.

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