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Re: How to reuse the the part of codes about file system in grub ?

From: Arch Stack
Subject: Re: How to reuse the the part of codes about file system in grub ?
Date: Fri, 7 Aug 2015 18:30:09 +0800

Forget to cc.Sorry for sending this email again.

Do not forget that grub is read-only and there are no plans to add
write support.

I know it and it's enough because now many people only need to get files in the Linux partition on Windows when they install both Windows and Linux on their disk and they can use only one of them.
Now there many tools which can read ext2/3/4  partition or a little other type like ext2read or Linux Reader .What I want to create is a tool that can read more types file system with the help of the source code in GRUB. I want to write it as a read-only filesystem driver just because that I want other people can use it easily just with Windows' explorer. I know that write on a filesystem is harder that read on it and I have no plan and I think it's not necessary to do it.

grub-mount requires all filesystem drivers which in turn require all
supporting code so you cannot compile it alone.

I know that grub-mount depends on many part on GRUB, but not all of it, isn't it? I think it never need 'grub-menulst2cfg' or 'video.mod' or many other mod in hundreds of mods.
What I want to know it's how Makefile works to generate grub-mount, or how autotools works.

Current development version of GRUB can be built on/for Windows (it
was tested with Cygwin, MinGW, MinGW-64 cross compiler). grub-mount
itself depends on FUSE so cannot be used as is on Windows (unless
there is FUSE port for Windows); rewriting it as Windows installable
file system is certainly possible and would be the best route in this
case. That would make it also available on Windows ... as long as you
are content with lack of write support.

I have tried to comiple GRUB on Cygwin or MSYS2 but failed. I think that it will only be little help with me even if it will be compiled successful. Because it need the environment (dll?) that Cygwin supports and it will be hard to make info a driver.
However I want to know that how to compile GRUB on Cygwin. As you say , grub-mount can't be used because the lack of FUSE, so it will be disable when compiled? Which argument will disable it? And which argument can disable other parts of GRUB? Where can I find that how to change the compile options to achieve my goal?

I know that it will need a lot of things to do to achieve my goal, and I'd like to spend time on it. But I want to know how to do it properly.

And now I have another idea: as GRUB is based on mods, can I write a mod loader on Windows driver to use the functions in the filesystem mods to read the filesystem?

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