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Re: TFPT boot without PXE

From: Luc Van Rompaey
Subject: Re: TFPT boot without PXE
Date: Sun, 26 Jul 2015 10:41:17 +0200


The link that you provided appears to apply to GRUB Legacy (0.9x), not to GRUB2.


Oliver Rath <address@hidden>schreef:

>Hi Christian,
>imho Grub2 is already enabled to download files via ftp and http. So you
>can download vmlinuz and initrd and boot it. See i.e.
>On 26.07.2015 00:14, Christian Meyer wrote:
>> Hello there,
>> is there a way to locally start grub (via hd, CD or USB) and let it boot
>> a GNU/Linux system over the network only using TFTP (with given
>> servername or IP adress) but without using PXE?
>> Background: I'm running a windows active directory with an active PXE
>> booting environment to deploy windows on the network. For security
>> reasons I'm not allowed to modify the server or the boot config.
>> So I installed a Debian TFTP and NFS server on a seperate machine using
>> the windows AD as the DHCP and DNS server. Windows server "knows" this
>> computer but of course does not know it as a DHCP "next-server".
>> I now want to configure local grub not to boot Windows PXE but the Linux
>> kernel and initrd (and later NFSROOT) from my Linux server using its DNS
>> name or IP adress.
>> Christian
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