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Re: Can GRUB Boot Haiku?

From: Simon Hobson
Subject: Re: Can GRUB Boot Haiku?
Date: Wed, 17 Jun 2015 10:27:09 +0100

Tom Davies <address@hidden> wrote:

> Surely it is possible to;  
> 1.  resize things enough to create enough empty room at the beginning of the 
> drive for a fresh new /boot partition?  
> 2.  Maybe rsync the files from whichever OS they are currently in (or cp but 
> with the "retain permissions" tag) - or do a fresh install of anything that 
> could 'populate' (ok, not the right term but hopefully makes some sense) the 
> /boot - Ubuntu sometimes does that sort of thing nicely for me - Wolvix used 
> to be fantastic for that sort of thing too.  Maybe something liek "Easy to 
> boot" or some other fix-boot type of tool.  

That would seem to be the obvious option.
With care, it's possible to delete a partition, then recreate it using the same 
start and end blocks. By doing that with several partitions, it should be 
possible to juggle partition numbers if needed. The downside is that you end up 
with partition numbers in a different sequence to the order on disk - not a 
problem technically, but may cause confusion to someone not accustomed to this.

Then take a copy of whatever is in the first partition (by location, not 
necessarily number) on the disk, remove it, create a boot partition and a new 
slightly smaller partition into which you restore the previous contents.

It should now be possible to install Grub2 into that boot partition and from 
there boot any of the OSs on the system since, IIRC, Grub2 has the luxury of 
using it's own drivers not just the BIOS to access the disks.

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