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Can GRUB Boot Haiku?

From: Tom Davies
Subject: Can GRUB Boot Haiku?
Date: Tue, 16 Jun 2015 20:39:10 +0100

Hi :) 
Sorry!  I still don't know how to post properly even after years of lurking and seeing the instructions MANY times :(  So i hope this is not too tricky. 

Also al this might have been sorted out some other way by now and you guys already moved onto the next stage. 

Surely it is possible to; 
1.  resize things enough to create enough empty room at the beginning of the drive for a fresh new /boot partition? 
2.  Maybe rsync the files from whichever OS they are currently in (or cp but with the "retain permissions" tag) - or do a fresh install of anything that could 'populate' (ok, not the right term but hopefully makes some sense) the /boot - Ubuntu sometimes does that sort of thing nicely for me - Wolvix used to be fantastic for that sort of thing too.  Maybe something liek "Easy to boot" or some other fix-boot type of tool. 

Errr, i guess you guys are already onto the next stage. 
Apols and regards from
Tom :) 

until after I had
> already partitioned its disk, and already installed FreeBSD
> 11.0-CURRENT, and LinuxMint 17.1, and OpenSUSE 13.2, and Hai

<snip />
I have already
> invested a huge amount of effort on some of those operating systems,
> especially FreeBSD,

<snip />
I am not now going to
> repartition the disk and reinstall the operating systems differently,
> I have to make the best of what I have.

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