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Re: Example for grub-mkimage & grub-setup

From: Truth
Subject: Re: Example for grub-mkimage & grub-setup
Date: Mon, 19 Jan 2015 08:51:03 +0100
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Thanks for the quick reply.
In order to learn more about grub I intend to write a live-debian as well as an installer-image (e.g. DVD size) on an USB-stick which is able to boot from both legacy bios and UEFI.
While trying to do this I had some problems which end up in grub rescue - it turned out that prefix and root where pointing to the wrong partition (hd0,gpt2 instead of hd0,gpt4). Even though I was able to fix this problem in grub rescue the problem reappeared after reboot. Finally, I found within the man pages of grub-mkimage the -c option which seems to be able to solve my problem - but I couldn't find any example on how to do this.
I was also looking into the grub-install script but it turned out that it would (at least for me) take quite long to understand what's going on (... writing a script is usally more easy than debugging a script from someone else).
I was able to solve the above mentioned problem by starting from scratch but I still would like to understand (in more detail) how grub is working. For that reason I was asking for an example on how to build grub with grub-mkimage and grub-setup only.
Further comments are welcome ...

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