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Bootless. Was: Using "grub-mkimage -c" for a USB holding multiple /boot

From: Diagon
Subject: Bootless. Was: Using "grub-mkimage -c" for a USB holding multiple /boot partitions.
Date: Fri, 19 Dec 2014 02:20:31 -0800
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In this same vein, does anyone have any experience with this?


* Bootless is a scheme allowing a computer with encrypted disk to stay without 
attached bootloader in order to make more difficult to tamper the 
initialization process.

* Bootless is a bootloader installed in a removable media and used to 
initialize computers.

* It is based on git-annex and GNU Grub.

* Initial support is targeted to Debian like operating systems.


We consider that a person has at least a single USB thumb drive which will be 
used to boot multiple operating systems in multiple machines for multiple 
different projects/farms (personal, work, hackerspace, etc). ...

They say it's "pre-alpha".


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