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Win8 Uefi support?

From: Tom Davies
Subject: Win8 Uefi support?
Date: Tue, 28 May 2013 18:39:36 +0100 (BST)

Hi :) 
A friend/colleague wants Gnu&Linux on her lovely new laptop which has the misfortune to have Win8 on it.  I managed to get a LiveCd working and it looks like most of the hardware is happy with Gnu&Linux! :) 

However when the Uefi(?) is switched off so that Cd/Usb Live sessions boot the Windows side gets all grumpy and refuses to do anything.  So i can't get Win8 to boot even after making sure it's the only 'bootable' volume until i switch Uefi on again (at which point i can't boot Gnu&Linux). 

My 'worry' is that after installing Gnu&Linux she will never be able to use Win8 again (or more to the point i wont be able to mess around with Win8 and explore in order to see just how troublesome it is).  I get the feeling she would quite happily lose Win8 even if it meant replacing with something better, such as Vista or DVL.  

Does Gnu&Linux boot-up when fully installed and Uefi on?  Can Uefi be on after i install Grub2? 
Can Win8 be made to boot-up via Grub2 with Uefi off?  Chainloading?? (dunno what that means but it sounds nice)
Regards from
Tom :) 

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