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Re: "freedos" Command HowTo?

From: Peter Holm
Subject: Re: "freedos" Command HowTo?
Date: Fri, 8 Jun 2012 22:52:43 +0200

Maybe this can help

2012/6/4, Jake Thomas <address@hidden>:
> Hello again,
>     One think I've been meaning to ask is how to use the freedos command.
> The Grub manual doesn't document it.
>     You'd think it'd be as simple as "freedos [path to freedos kernel]". I
> remember trying to boot the FreeDOS kernel with Grub in the past and not
> succeding. Wikipedia's FreeDOS article says that you can boot the FreeDOS
> kernel by "chainloader [path to FreeDOS kernel]" using Grub legacy. This did
> not work for me in Grub2, not even with --force.
>      I haven't tried recently, I'm mainly asking for the proper way to boot
> FreeDOS with Grub if there is one.
> Cheers,
> Jake
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