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Re: dual grub install?

From: Hugo Bodewig
Subject: Re: dual grub install?
Date: Thu, 7 Jun 2012 06:53:05 +0200

Hi Tom, it is indeed a laptop, but it still does not tell me why it
did this since the original partition with its boot manager is working
correctly. Indeed sda1 is the system-reserved partition.
Secondly, the boot manager was installed on sda2 but the original sda2
started immediately after the end of sda1 thus the boot manager
shifted the files starting there, unless of course w7 reserves space
on each partition for a boot manager which as far as I can see from
the other NTFS partitions on sda is not the case.
Thus my only conclusion is that somehow grub looked at sda, determined
that there was a sda2 in need of a boot manager and copied one on
Since I took the boot manager off sda2 and re-grubbed the grub-conf
shows only sda1.
I am still puzzled - and I don't like that because computers are just
dumb silicon and do what I tell them.
Another puzzling thing is that a NTFS partition on an external HDD is
visible from Linux and accessible, but not from W7. W7 tells me I have
no access priviliges.

Kind regards / Mit freundlichen Grüßen /
Meilleures salutations/ Cordiali Saluti / 此致敬意
Sinceramente seu / تفضلوا بقبول فائق الاحترام

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On 6 June 2012 22:43, Tom Davies <address@hidden> wrote:
> Hi :)
> Win7 is about the first time Windows has automatically installed the type of 
> "Recovery Partition" that has previously only been found on laptops.  It's a 
> cheap way of avoiding giving people a Recovery Cd/Dvd or a LIVE Boot type of 
> media that could be used to repair a system.
> I think you are supposed to use that Recovery Partition to generate your own 
> Cds/Dvds but not many users even know anything about it let alone how to use 
> it (if it ever works).  The brilliant thinking at MS is that if soemone has a 
> hard-drive failure or something then they can just boot into the Recovery 
> Partition that is on the failed hard-drive.  Grrrrr
> Regards from
> Tom :)
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