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Re:Run not default grub2 entry by remote way (Marcin Przysowa)

From: Jake Thomas
Subject: Re:Run not default grub2 entry by remote way (Marcin Przysowa)
Date: Wed, 28 Dec 2011 23:18:05 -0800

Hi Marcin! You could make a file called "flashme.trigger" or whatever (made up 
file the extension; name it whatever you want) and in grub.cfg, say that if 
"flashme.trigger" exists, boot FreeDOS. Else, boot Linux. In the FreeDOS 
autorun.bat file, tell it to delete flashme.trigger and then flash the BIOS.

Here's one thing that threw me off about grub.cfg for quite a while: simply 
saying "if flashme.trigger" checks to see if flashme.trigger exists. To me, the 
verb "exists" should be in there somewhere or else it doesn't make sense to 
someone who doesn't know Grub2 scripting language. But, that's how it is. And 
each code-block-defining keyword is terminated by that keyword spelled 
backwards. So "fi" ends an "if" block, "esac" ends a "case" block, etc.

Note: flashme.trigger must be on a filesystem that DOS can read and write to. 
And of couse, DOS must have the drivers to detect and utilize the hard drive to 
begin with.

However, I found a solution that you may like better. There is a way to flash 
the BIOS from within Linux, even through ssh. And you can verify that the flash 
went well before turning the computer off, and flash it again if it didn't go 

See here: .

You have to be having _some_ kind of remote access to the other computers, can 
you use whatever remote access you have to run flashrom?


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