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Run not default grub2 entry by remote way

From: Marcin Przysowa
Subject: Run not default grub2 entry by remote way
Date: Wed, 28 Dec 2011 23:36:41 +0000

Hello help-grub team,

 I use Grub2 and have two entry:
- default [Ubuntu with ssh access only]
- second [FreeDOS with upgrade BIOS tools and reboot at the end]

I search way to run ONE times PC from 'second' grub entry and on all next reboots run from 'default' grub entry.

My situation is like this:
I must upgrade BIOS on 30x PCs on different localization, I can go car by 20days or do it remote = I have ssh access to this machine only. This all 31x Foxconn Nettop are the same model, I test upgrade BIOS by run a FreeDOS by Grub2 = works fine! :). I search way how run second grub entry one time, and next runs do by defaults without success.
I know that Grub2 works with scripts... but I'm not find a solution.

I've hope It's possible to do it.
Thanks for any answers!

Best Regards
Marcin Przysowa

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