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Re: stuck and need help

From: Marco Pinna
Subject: Re: stuck and need help
Date: Sun, 4 Sep 2011 08:05:55 +0200

You are using virtual-box on W7.
so when the Debian installation asks you to write the boot sector,
it refers to the virtual hardware which is currently running on, which of course is not the Real Machine that runs W7.
the virtualization provide virtual hardware to the OS (Debian) which believes it runs on a normal machine. 
there are no risks  for your real primary disk as far as it can't be reached nor written by Debian in any case.
so to that question simply answer "yes". it will install grub just on the virtual machine, not on the Real.

If i can, I would suggest you to install Ubuntu, is a debian-based distro and is more user-friendly than debian itself. 


Marco Pinna

Il giorno 03/set/2011, alle ore 19.06, Michael Gezaee Kahssay ha scritto:


 I needed to  have a guest operating  debian or any unix or linux with graphic utilities.  I picked debian and started installing it using virtual box but  I got stuck because it asks me it wants to load grub to my primary hard drive and it does not also detect my operating system and  I think it wants  to write over my host?   or it says if there is another os, it may not boot. I feared it may kick out my host os and aborted the debian installation. Is there any easy way of integrating  debian as a guest on window 7 host without affecting my host?  please help me. I needed the debian or other linux or unix variant for hardware design.

 with regards


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