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Still issues with Grub2 and (k)FreeBSD

From: Hannes Hauswedell
Subject: Still issues with Grub2 and (k)FreeBSD
Date: Mon, 29 Nov 2010 23:09:15 +0100
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Hi everyone,

since my last PR <> (still offline 
right now), I still couldn't make Grub2 boot FreeBSD. The issue from the 
PR was resolved the way explained in the post, thanks.

Since I am not sure this is a bug, I thought I'd ask first before 
opening one.

Is it possible that Grub2 does not pass Networking Information to the 
FreeBSD-Kernel, i.e. the information it has received via DHCP / PXE ?

I am booting Grub2 through PXE/TFTP and it successfully loads and and 
also boots the FreeBSD-Kernel, however the FreeBSD-Kernel always fails 
to mount root from NFS. I have tried all sort of fiddling with the 
FreeBSD Kernel and am pretty sure its not its fault.

The FreeBSD-Kernel can be compiled with BOOTP_NFSROOT, to make it re-
request root-path and server for this case, however going that way is 
not an option, because I cannot transmit root-path (Option 17 in 
dnsmasq), if I want to offer multiple Operating systems as choice. Note 
also that the dnsmasq-server and NFS-Server are on two machines.

Thank you very much for your help,
Best Regards,            │ Free Software Foundation Europe    █▉   │
Hannes Hauswedell        │           German Team            █▉█▉█▉ │
                         │ Coordinator for     ▉▉   │

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