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Tried to un-install Ubuntu; grub rescue gone bad

From: umptious
Subject: Tried to un-install Ubuntu; grub rescue gone bad
Date: Sun, 14 Nov 2010 00:23:22 +0000

Hi -

For some reason Ubuntu 10 wouldn't boot once I had installed it to a netbook (an HP Mini Note.) I'd given it most of the drive so I needed to uninstall and the only thing I could come up with was repartitioning from the machines original XP install (I'd hoped for a better way but when I asked on the Ubuntu forum I got deafening silence.) The problem is that now the machine comes in in grub rescue but it doesn't work except that ls will tell me my partition names - ls can't read the data in them and even "help" doesn't work. I've tried booting an old Knoppix disc from a plug-in CD drive and Ubuntu 10 from a usb pen but the machine ignores them. I suppose my next step would be trying another Linux distro from the pen, but before I carry on chimpanzeeeing at this, does anyone have better suggestions? XP should still be there, is there a way I can get to it? After that I'll worry about trying to install another version of Linux.

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