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grub2 chainloading and Norton Ghost

From: Thomas Sondag
Subject: grub2 chainloading and Norton Ghost
Date: Wed, 10 Nov 2010 09:10:59 +0100

Hi all,

We are actually deploying a set of laptop with Norton ghost in Triple boot :
 - 2 different Ms windows versions
 - 1 Ubuntu

The original boot loader in the MBR is the Microsoft one, we chain
load grub located on /dev/sda5 by copying the first 512 bits of the
/dev/sda5 to the first MS partition.
When everything is installed correctly we are taking a ghost image of
the disk and we deploy this image on a set of computer (same model).

That was working fine with grub 1 but not with grub2.
All the disks are exactly the same, I check the block count, the
partition block start and end, the partition uid, label ... all the
But with grub2, that's not working, I only have a blinking cursor, and
when I reinstall it in /dev/sda5 the md5sum of the first 512 bits
differ from one machine to one another.

I considering to switch back to grub 1 (I can't install grub in the
MBR sorry that's not my choice).

Any other idea ?


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