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Re: grub2 search messes with drive map

From: John Little
Subject: Re: grub2 search messes with drive map
Date: Sun, 7 Nov 2010 02:53:48 +1300


I originally posted:
>> *When it starts*, grub sees /dev/sda1 as (hd0,1), and sdb1 as (hd1,1).
>>  But, after running
>> search --no-floppy --fs-uuid --set 91fa2fc6-ac74-4910-8154-63ad3893259d
>> hd0 and hd1 have been swapped!

And Jordan Uggla reponded:
> No, search is not supposed to change device enumeration, and I find it
> hard to believe that is actually happening...

Well, I was sure I'd done the ls, search, ls sequence and seen it
happen, but I now think I was comparing different boots or something.
What's changed is the device enumeration.  I was misled by the set
root statements generated by the grub.d scripts; they assume a
particular enumeration which may be wrong, and appear pointless
because the search command following overwrites the root variable
anyway;  I wonder why they're there.   In researching this various
forums I found assertions that hd0 = /dev/sda, hd1 = /dev/sdb, and so
on, but now see that it may not be so.

Thank you for your quick responses.

Regards, John

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