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Re: grub2 on ubuntu 10.10 can't find loader on 1st partation

From: tom oakes
Subject: Re: grub2 on ubuntu 10.10 can't find loader on 1st partation
Date: Wed, 27 Oct 2010 21:46:54 -0600
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Goh Lip wrote:
On Wednesday 27,October,2010 05:20 AM, tom oakes wrote:
BTW: the big disk was partitioned by the freebsd 8.1 installer. I
deleted partition 3 and created a extended partition in its place with
two logical petitions. One is used for ubuntu and the other for swap.

If anyone knows anything else I should try please let me know.

Tom, some time back, and I cannot recall whether it was grub-legacy or grub2, and pcbsd or netbsd; I had installed the %bsd for a very short time, and booted it with the grub% without issue.

From your statement above, it could be that the devicemap was not set up with the bsd partition. So you might want to try the following..

$ grub-mkdevicemap
$ update-grub

Good luck, hope this helps,

Regards - Goh Lip

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I finally got the system fixed so I can now boot both the freebsd and the ubuntu from the hard disk. I had to dis-install grub2 and install grub-legacy. There were direction to do this on the ubuntu10-10 manual page. Grub-legacy worked the first time. I guess that the grub team needs to pay attention to "If it a'int broke don't fix it "

Tom oakes

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