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How to restore my disk

From: Tom Davies
Subject: How to restore my disk
Date: Sun, 3 Oct 2010 12:29:27 +0000 (GMT)

Hi :)

In any cases where something seriously wrong seems to have happened i try 
booting up from a "LiveCd"

Usually any distro's Cd can be used for both uses
1. As a LiveCd
2. As an installer Cd
In a few cases the LiveCd might be a different download but that is fairly 
unusual these days.

From a LiveCd you can usually have a look at your hard-drive to see if any real 
damage has happened.  I would just have a look from the the "Places" menu in 
Ubuntu or most other distros, or through the normal file-browser some path such 
something like that to see if you can find your files on hard-drive.  Most 
LiveCds also have some fairly intense tools such as GPartEd or QtPartEd to let 
you see a graphical display of the partitions on the various drives.  I would 
have a look there to see if any unexpected grey or black areas have appeared 
before panicking

I don't know the command you issued or what it is meant to do and i also don't 
really recognise the error message you got beyond "No system disk, insert a 
system disk and press any key".  The LiveCd is effectively a "system disk" 
should be able to run without touching anything on your hard-drive so that you 
can just "scout it out" to see what is going on and how bad things really 

I have a feeling that you are just in a typical case of needing to only 
reinstall grub2 and let it find the Operating Systems itself without forcing it 
into doing anything too complicated and unlikely.

Good luck and regards from
Tom :)

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