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Re: How to restore my disk

From: Barry Jackson
Subject: Re: How to restore my disk
Date: Sun, 03 Oct 2010 10:52:34 +0100
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On 03/10/10 03:40, Dennis Cao wrote:
> Yesterday, I used this command to correct my MBR on my working computer,
>      $ dd if=/somefile of=/dev/sda  bs=512 count=1
> But very unfortunately, I used a wrong file. Now when I boot my
> working computer, it says:
>     Non-system disk or disk error
>     replace and strike any key when ready
> I think the partition table is destroyed. How can I restore my disk?
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> 曹贵林 ( Dennis Cao )
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I would clone your disk to another drive using dd or Clonezilla, then
work on the clone - remove the original for now, DON'T try to rescue it.
Use whatever utility you can find to search the clone for your correct
MBR/partition table image file, - the one you intended to use which I
assume is on the damaged disk.
That is the only file you need to find.
With that you can write back the partition table, initially to the clone
to test, then to the original. Note that depending on the clone method,
the UUIDs may not be retained, so a system may not boot on the clone,
but this is not important here.
Best of luck!
BTW I keep copies of my MBRs on various drives as insurance against this

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