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clarification needed

From: Rampraveen
Subject: clarification needed
Date: Mon, 27 Sep 2010 12:10:24 +0530

I am a newbie to the system software.
I have a lenovo ideapad running on a SSD.
I tried to boot my ideapad using chromium OS.
I built the OS image using my ubuntu machine and copied the image to USB.
I understand that the Chromium OS uses grub2 as bootloader
When the USB is inserted and booted, the OS came up without any problem.
I removed the SSD in my ideapad and tried to boot, but i could see only the breathing light from the USB.
This behavior i have verified for several times.
I understand that bootloader is the only component running here.
Is this problem been reported already?
I am posting here to get any help if this problem was observed during the bootloader testing.
Please help me in getting a clue for the problem.

Rampraveen. S

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