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Grub on Windowx? Grub over network

From: Olivier Nicole
Subject: Grub on Windowx? Grub over network
Date: Thu, 10 Jun 2010 13:46:17 +0700 (ICT)


I am currently preparing the machines to run in our Computer Science

I want the machines to be able to boot:

1) Windows

2) Ubuntu (installed by me)

3) Some debian for some specific project

4) Some other Ubuntu installed by the students

The part 4 will/may come later.

Now I would like for 2 and 3 to boot from the network (over NFS), is
that possible?

But that would mean, ultimatly, that I have no partition for 2 and 3,
so that Grub configuation files would have to be in my Windows
partition. Is that possible?



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