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Assistance with non-bios found HDD/cdrom booting

From: Nando
Subject: Assistance with non-bios found HDD/cdrom booting
Date: Thu, 21 Jan 2010 06:11:42 +1100

Hi Grub team,

I have connected a HDD to my optical drive port and find that Ubuntu can see and mount that HDD. However, I'd like to be able to boot from it. If I do:
-> shows hd0..
'insmod ata_pthru'
'insmod ntfs'
-> shows ata0.. + additional partitions
set prefix=(ata0,1)/boot/grub

Problem is the sequence required to boot the Ubuntu or Windows partitions off the shown ataxx partitions. I understand that Windows may need bios INT10/INT13 services to boot, but Ubuntu does not. Can anyone list the command sequence to boot Ubuntu off an ataxx ('insmod ata' or 'insmod ata_pthru') non bios found IDE device?

I have also tried sbootmgr.dsk finding it sees the devices but upon selecting the Ubuntu drive/partition off the optical port, it reboots the system.

Any advice on how this can be done using grub2?


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