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Autodetect available OS

From: Sergio Tashdjian
Subject: Autodetect available OS
Date: Tue, 22 Dec 2009 13:00:34 -0200

Hi guys, sorry if this is an old topic, or a crazy question. Googling for it brought almost nothing interesting.

Just want to know if its possible to let grub check for available bootable partitions when it starts up, and adjust the menu to include the ones that are even not configured in grub's config file. 

Why? mainly to allow booting from USB devices with potentially different OSs or partitions.  I will love to be able to connect an USB storage device, turn on the PC and have grub showing bootable partitions on that device.

Probably its simpler for Windows where there is no kernel or initrd to specify, but even for Linux having grub searching kernels/initrds in usual  places of the detected partitions and provide a list of them sounds like something i will love to have. 

In short, i'm looking for a PlugAndBoot feature :) 

Thanks for your comments !


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