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Changing drive paramaters

From: Leslie Rhorer
Subject: Changing drive paramaters
Date: Sat, 19 Dec 2009 18:15:04 -0600

Hello all,

        I have a question.  Is there some way to specify the boot target
(actually, the alternate target) using the devicxe path, rather than the
hdx,y notation?  Under recent versions of the kernel, the drive
specification change more or less spuriously, and when this happens, the
system may no longer boot automatically.  In this case in particular, the
main drive is /dev/hda on the embedded IDE controller.  Then the RAID
controller gets all its drives specified as /dev/sda - /dev/sd? .  Finally,
the controller which manages the drive I want to provide as an alternate
boot (RAID0 with the hda drive) gets picked up by udev as /dev/sd? + 1.  The
problem is, both the /dev/sd? notation and the hdx,y notation will need to
change when I add a drive to the array.  It would be helpful if the config
could target the drive by its /dev/disk/by-path or better yet
/dev/disk/by-uuid identifier.  Can GRUB (legacy) handle this in some way?

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