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Re: Grub2: Where's the grub-update executable???

From: Tom H
Subject: Re: Grub2: Where's the grub-update executable???
Date: Tue, 24 Nov 2009 04:37:37 +0100

>> I'm running grub version 1.97.

>> I ran the build from the sources. No problem. Ran
>> grub-install and then reboot to see grub2 in action. It goes
>> straight to the command line prompt. I guess it did not find
>> a "grub.conf".

>> I guess I need to generate a grub.conf file. However, I
>>  cannot find any "grub-update" or "update-grub" executable
>> anywhere. I don't think it was built.

>> Did the name change in Grub2? How am I supposed to
>> generate a new grub.conf?

> Did not find grub-update but ran into grub-mkconfig instead.
> Still, when I reboot, I'm not able to pickup the new grub.conf
> that was created. Here's the sequence of steps I took:

> (I'm using RHEL 2.6.18-8.rl5)

> % cd /boot/grub
> % grub-mkconfig -o grub.conf
> % reboot -f

> When grub appears, it goes straight to the command line prompt,
> ignoring the newly created grub.conf.

> What am I doing wrong?

I have yet to install grub2 on RHEL/Fedora but on Ubuntu update-grub
is a shell script that simply calls grub-mkconfig.

Getting a grub cli means AFAIK that grub cannot find /boot and/or its
config file. You can use the cli just as in grub1 to boot.

(On Ubuntu, the config file is called grub.cfg. I assume that running
"grub-mkconfig -o grub.conf" ensures that grub2 knows that you have
called it grub.conf as in grub1.)

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