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Re: GRUB SYSLINUX booting from logical partiton on USB drive

From: greenfinch
Subject: Re: GRUB SYSLINUX booting from logical partiton on USB drive
Date: Mon, 30 Jun 2008 22:39:00 +0200
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    sdb1   Primary fat32 ~ 800MB
    sdb2   Primary fat32 ~ 800MB
    sbd3   Primary fat32 ~ 800MB
    sdb4   Extended partition
    sdb5   Logical partition ~ 800MB
    sdb6   Logical partition ~ 600MB

- sdb5 was made bootable by: syslinux -sf /dev/sdb5 (SYSLINUX version 3.63)

    My question is, why there is the boot error?
    Thank you for your answer.

Did you install syslinux files to the sdb5 partition before running syslinux -sf ?
Did you try to install it without the s option?
What filesystem is found in sdb5? syslinux only accepts FAT partition.
If it is a ext3 partition you should use extlinux. adrian15

- The filesystem on the logical partitions sdb5 and sdb6 is fat32
- sdb5 was empty, after the Damn Small Linux zip-file was unpacked into the root of sdb5 - I called /.syslinux -sf /dev/sdb5 from another usb stick, where I have put the currrent SYSLINUX version 3.63. - Manually, I did not copy any SYSLINUX files to sbd5. Only the file ldlinux.sys was copied to sdb5 automatically, when executing the syslinux command. - I just tried without the option -s -> ./syslinux -f /dev/sdb5 -> same message 'Boot error' If you have any ideas what I should change in my setup, feel free to tell it.

I already asked the same question to the SYSLINUX developers.
They told me the following:


Last I checked, Grub passed an invalid partition offset in DS:SI when chainloading a logical partition. Syslinux is partition-table-format agnostic, and uses the information passed into it. However, the format of DOS partition tables are such that anything that tries to boot a logical partition (keep in mind that MS-DOS couldn't boot logical partitions at all) has to adjust the partition offset; the stuff that comes off the disk is relative to the extended partition that surrounds the logical partition, but the chainloaded operating system has no way of knowing that.


I'm not very familiar with 'partition offset' or 'DS:SI', but maybe you can have a look at it and it can help us
with my problem.


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