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GRUB SYSLINUX booting from logical partiton on USB drive

From: greenfinch
Subject: GRUB SYSLINUX booting from logical partiton on USB drive
Date: Sat, 28 Jun 2008 21:31:20 +0200
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I cannot boot with GRUB (grub-0.97-r4) and SYSLINUX (syslinux-3.63) from a logical partition
on my USB drive.

Here is the test setup:

- 4GB Flash drive with the following partitions:

sdb1   Primary fat32 ~ 800MB
sdb2   Primary fat32 ~ 800MB
sbd3   Primary fat32 ~ 800MB
sdb4   Extended partition
sdb5   Logical partition ~ 800MB
sdb6   Logical partition ~ 600MB

- Grub files were copied to /dev/sdb1/boot/grub (Stage files, etc.)
- Grub was installed in the MBR of the USB flash drive.
- Damn Small Linux (DSL) was downloaded an unzipped to the root of sdb5 (zip-file dsl-4.2.5-embedded) - sdb5 was made bootable by: syslinux -sf /dev/sdb5 (SYSLINUX version 3.63)
- Now the USB flash drive is bootable
- After reset, the grub prompt appeared, and I tried to boot from sdb5:

root (hd0,5)
rootnoverify (hd0,5)
chainloader --force (hd0,5)+1
Boot error

My question is, why there is the boot error?
I've successfully tried the following:
- Booting DSL from sdb1, sdb2, sdb3 without any problems -> OK.
- Booting a 2nd GRUB, installed in the logical partition sdb5 -> OK.
- Booting DSL installed on sdb5, by using the kernel-booting of GRUB (without chainloader)

Where is the limitation?
Maybe someone can help me to be able to chainload SYSLINUX from an logical partition.

Thank you for your answer.


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